Saturday, July 19, 2014

Disney World Part 2

Jaxson absolutely loved the character dining! He would hug and love on each one! This was by far my favorite thing to see! Pure joy on his little face

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Disney Trip Part 1

We had an awesome time at Disney World! This was our first trip with the 3 boys and they all loved it in different ways. 

Brody: loved the rides. He surprised us by going on some pretty big boy roller coasters such as splash mountain, mine train & tower of terror. 
Jax: loved the character breakfast and being able to hug & see all his favorites! It was worth every penny to see the excitement on his face. 
Landry: loved everything about it; from the characters to the rides to the foods! 

We stayed at The Art of Animation, Cars which was perfect for the kids. Unfortunately on the way home we all got a stomach bug, I'm just thankful it wasn't on the way there!