Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So behind ~ Halloween 2010

I've had pink eye and then our family was hit with the stomach flu. I'm so behind on my blogging but will catch up soon!

Brody was "suppose" to be a BEAR for Halloween this year...needless to say he was NOT a bear :)

Brandon ended up going to the World Series so I just hung out at my parents that night. We had a pretty busy weekend so we enjoyed some down time. My parents only had 2-3 trick-or-treaters but Brody loved looking at them and couldn't figure out why we were giving away the candy!

Next year we will definitely be trick or treating ourselves!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Brody ~ 20 Months

On the 20th of October Brody was 20 Months! I know I'm a little late but wanted to get this up.

At 20 months Brody is:
~in 24M or 2T clothes
~size 5-6 shoe
~we are working on Brody saying his shapes, colors and various other words.
~he LOVES trains, cars/trucks and construction equipment
~Obsessed with Mickey Mouse and we actually made a house rule this week that he only gets to watch an episode in the morning and evening because he was becoming so obsessive over Mickey Mouse!
~favorite food is pasta
~loves bubble baths

Brody has had a tough time adjusting to his baby brother. He has thrown more tantrum's, has had problems sleeping and is very clingy this month. He loves his brother and wants to know where he is and makes sure he's ok when he's crying but that's about all. He doesn't really want to have anything to do with him anyother time and for the first time last night he asked me to put the baby down because he wanted my full attention and tried to pull Jaxson off me while he was nursing. He's gotten alot better from the first day Jaxson was here and I'm assuming each day will get better.

Here's this month in pictures:

1 Month

On Monday Jaxson was 1 month! It's hard to believe he's been apart of our lives for a whole month! And boy what a month it has been! We've changed so much as a family and although it's a lot of work and at times rough I wouldn't change it for the world!

Jaxson went into the doctor for his month check up and weighed 7 pounds and 4 ounces!! That's 1 1/2 pounds in 2 weeks! I was shocked. He also grew to 19 3/4 inches. We have to go to a lung doctor to see if Jaxson needs the RSV shots since he's had so many episodes of not breathing our doctor REALLY doesn't want him to get this nasty virus and wants a second opinion on whether or not he should get the shots. He also doesn't want Jaxson to go to public places or be around school age kids to try and avoid RSV :( So we are pretty housebound during this RSV season.

RSV is just a cold for most children and adults so many people don't think twice about such a common illness but for babies, especially preemies or those with breathing problems it can be severe and even deadly. Brody got RSV last year when he was about 9 months old and it kicked his butt. He stayed out of daycare for 3 weeks and we had to do around the clock breathing treatments for 2 weeks, I cannot imagine if younger babies get this.

There's also a whooping cough outbreak and I had to get that vaccine and Brandon will too. The doctor recommends anyone who lives or is in daily contact with babies get them. I've never had whooping cough so I don't know much about it but know that it can be dangerous for babies.

Definitely not fun stuff.

I've been having issues with my eyes/contacts ever since Jaxson went into the hospital and I thought it was from wearing my contacts for too long but on Monday I woke up with my left eye killing me and in extreme pain. I knew it was more than that so I went to the doctor and I have had and still have pinkeye! It started in my right eye 2 weeks ago and that went away on it's own but I then got it in my left eye. This was the first time I've had pinkeye and boy does it hurt!

We changed Jaxson's reflux medicine to Prevacid because Zantac was giving him tummy issues. So far so good with the Pravcid. We were off the Zantac for 2-3 days and he had one breathing episode. So it's definitely the reflux that is causing him to stop breathing. It actually chokes him because it doesn't come all the way up, just sits in his airway/esophogus. We cannot put him horizontal at all or he will choke/spit up. So he's at an angle or vertical 24/7 unless changing his diaper and he spits up almost every time. Poor guy!

Here's what Jax is doing at 1 month:
~in newborn clothes
~NB diapers
~raises head
~smiles when gassy
~eats every 2 hours during the day and 3-4 hours during the night
~pees and poos ALOT
~loves his swing
~sleeps good in his carseat
~on apnea montior at night, in car or anytime I'm not in the room with him

Having two kids is challenging, rewarding, tiring, exciting and the most wonderful gift I've ever received. I love you Jaxson more than words can describe!