Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back in the saddle!

This is the longest blog break I've ever taken! I love blogging but life has been so busy!

There are so many things that have gone on and I know one day I will want to look back and refer to these things. So, I will definitely be blogging more often from this point forward (fingers crossed)

September - I went back to work from maternity leave at my new job! #1 reason why blogging took a backseat. My schedule during the day is crazy, busy and I've had to work more on the weekends just to prepare for hectic weeks. I love my job, even though it is the same grade, it is completely different dynamics and way of doing things.

October - Jaxson turned TWO! We had a party at the bounce place, which both boys loved!
Brody finally started playing soccer vs. just sitting on the sidelines. He is so shy that it is painful! He warmed up and got use to it and towards the end of the season he played on the field. His favorite position was definitely goalie.

November - Was a great month! Brandon and I started thinking about a bigger house. We found a great deal on a HUD home which prompted us to put our house on the market. We missed out on the HUD home but got an offer on our house (the day after the HUD bids closed!). Our house was on the market for 9 days during the Thanksgiving week and we sold and had to be out by Jan. 4th!

December - was completely crazy with the holiday and moving. We all ended up getting sick over Christmas (2nd time I've been sick during Christmas in the past 3 years) and ended up just staying at home recovering. Then it was mad trying to get everything moved and in order with 3 kids. We moved into my parent's house until we figured out what we were doing (buying vs. building).

January - was spent looking a various houses and looking into building. We found our dream neighborhood and started working with an amazing builder. To our surprise, everything worked out on paper for us to go ahead and start the building process of this amazing home! We are so excited and feel so blessed for this opportunity. It is a one story, 2640 sq ft. 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom plus a gameroom. It is literally my dream home.

Brody - is about to be 4 in a week and is Mr. I can do everything and tell everyone what to do. He's so loving towards his 2 younger brothers! He is still into trains and building things and recently loves the IPAD and Legos.

Jaxson - Mr. Indepedent and has come into the "MINE" attitude, which I don't blame him. He loves Fireman Sam, has a ferious love for his daddy and is so loving towards his baby brudder. He is into everything and is one to watch out for.

Landry - is 7 months. STARTED CRAWLING this past week! His FIRST TOOTH came into just today and loves to smile. He is such a cuddle bug. He's had some anemia issues so we have had to go back to the hematlogist and we are in the middle of running some genetic test to see if it is Alpha Thallassemia.

Here are some pictures of the past 4 months and some pictures of a house that will be like the one we will build but different colors.