Thursday, November 26, 2009


I have so much to be thankful for this year I don't think I could list them all: I have the best family, friends, a good job, great husband and a Lord that loves me unconditionally. He has blessed me over and over again & words could never explain all the greatness he has bestowed upon me.

This year I am even more thankful for my family and their health. My son means more to me than words could express. He is the most happy go lucky, smiley, loving child who can brigten up a room. I look at him in amazement at just how perfect he is. I can remember going through my difficult pregnancy, not knowing the outcome or if I would even get to hold my precious son in my arms. I prayed everyday to watch over him and protect him in my not so healthy womb and now I thank God everyday for allowing me to hold my baby and for allowing me to be his mom. Children are precious gifts and we should all love and protect them in a way that God loves and protects us.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and my thoughts and prayers were with the less fortunate, the ill and the military families who weren't able to stuff themselves as much as my family were blessed to today.

Brody has a double ear infection right now, his medicines aren't working and Wednesday, when we went in for his 9 month checkup, we had to postpone his 6 and 9 month shots again. No he still hasn't had his 6 month shots because he's literally been sick every time we go in to get them. Instead, he got an antibotic shot and we go back tomorrow to check his ears, if they aren't better then he has to get another shot. Did I mention he is on antibotics now for his orginial ear infection 7 days ago that obviously isn't working. We have an ENT appointment on Dec. 8th and hopefully we can get tubes in his ears over the Christmas break. Please pray that his ears are better and we can get through the next couple weeks until we can get tubes in his ears. He's had 4 ear infections in the past 2 months and he doesn't respond to antibotics very well.

Friday, November 20, 2009

9 Months & Prayer request

Happy 9 months pumpkin! We've had a busy few weeks. Last weekend I had strep throat and was down for the whole weekend! Brody has had a cough and cold for the past week and a half and then got another ear infection! He's also cut his first tooth!! It's just the tip right now but it's definitely there.

He is eating me out of house and home and we started puffs and teething biscuits this week as well as some pasta which he loved!

Brody weighed 18 lbs 6 oz at the doctor this week and we got in on Wednesday for his length. He is pulling up on everything now and loves to walk! He is in 12 month clothes now as well, completely skipped 9 month clothes!

Brody is into EVERYTHING. I turn around and he's pulling up on this or crawling to that or into this. And he's so cute when he is told "no" he just looks at me and gives me this smile that melts my heart and does whatever it is anyway! Little toot

We are out for the week from school and I'm SO excited. We both need a break from all the go-go-go. I don't have to pump or wash bottles for a whole week!!! That makes me very excited :)

I have a special prayer request, Brody's teacher that he adores, Ms. Jacque, who we both love, has a daughter with CF(cystic fibrosis). She is in Cook's because she got the H1N1 flu this week as well as pneumnia. Jacque was also in the hospital earlier this week with her son who had pneumnia as well. Please, please pray for a fast recovery for her babies and strength for Ms. Jacque. After Brody's hospital trip a few weeks back I cannot imagine Jacque's agony for her babies. As a mom, you want to trade places with your kiddos so they don't have to go through any pain and it's so hard when you can't take it away for them. I know first hand what the power of pray can do so please keep them in your prayers.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I've caught myself taking inventory of my life lately and I feel so blessed that at times its overwhelming! I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful home, we both have great jobs that we both enjoy and we have the most amazing, handsome, loving son who is happy and healthy. We have such supportive and loving families and it almost seems too good to be true. I find myself wondering when the bottom will fall out because life cannot be this good. But then I turn to God and fall to my knees thanking him for blessing my family and I with so much. I am not deserving of such blessings that he bestows upon me and I wonder why he has blessed us in such amazing ways. It reminds me that everyday should be spent glorifying him and spreading his word.

I'm reminded on a daily basis how life can be so much harder for others. I see some of my students struggling with things that I, as an adult, cannot imagine dealing with, let alone a 13 year old. I try everyday to guide these young children and show them right from wrong and teach them values and instill a love for learning.

This time of year is my favorite. The leaves are changing, the weather is gorgeous and holidays are nearing. I'm so looking forward to the week long vacation I will soon have for Thanksgiving and the two weeks for Christmas. I cannot wait to have Brandon and Brody all to daycare! Just the 3 of us and some good quality time with family.

Brody is doing so much better. After getting out of the hospital he spend another 5 days at home so that his immune system could build up a little. He started having the big D because all of the antibotics killed off his good bacteria. This lasted for 2 weeks and we are finally over the hump after some probiotics replaced his good bacteria.

He is now eating up a storm, moving all over the place and is enjoying his friends at daycare. He is getting SO big its crazy.

I'll try to upload some pics tomorrow