Sunday, March 30, 2014

Too long

It's been way too long since I've blogged! We are so busy and time just flies. 

Brody is now 5 and we are gearing up for  the start of kindergarten in a few short months! Cannot believe how big he has grown. I have an interview on April 14th at the school he will be attending, so hopefully we will be going to the same place next year! Fingers crossed.

Jax is 3 and had to get a new set of tubes last month. Poor guy had a blood clot in one ear where the old tube tore away. He started speech 2 weeks ago and his vocabulary has grown and grown in the past month! 

Landry is not a baby anymore :( he's now 22 months and runs with the big boys like he is one. 

They are loving staying home with Nanny and it's such a blessing! My parents are adding a small addition to our house since they are here all the time and we are also putting in a pool for the endless amounts of energy the boys have. This is the house they will grow up in and we want to create an environment that they and their friends will love to come to. 

Here's our life over the past 10 months, hopefully I will get better about blogging. 

We had the flu over Christmas :( never seen the bits so miserable!