Wednesday, May 30, 2012

30 weeks-still here, still cookin'

It's been a crazy couple of weeks! The school year is coming to a close and that's always a busy time! Plus I'm trying to get everything ready for the start of next year since I will be on maternity leave!

Brody: is talking up a storm these days. It is so fun to carry on a conversation with him and to also see his imagination take over during play time! I love this age and seeing him grow :) he's definitely a momma's boy but loves to rough house with daddy.

Jaxson: is a spit fire! Can through a tantrum like no other, is tough and rough and must do everything big brother does! I have a feeling I'm going to have my hands full with him and take many trips to the ER!

Both boys love playing soccer right now and Brody will play fall ball this season. They also play well with each other for the most part.

Landry: is doing good and getting big! I'm 95% sure he's turned around and isn't breeched any longer but has found my ribs and is giving me fits with digging into them. My right side is very uncomfortable. Shots are going good, contractions are more frequent at night but staying away during day. I'm getting to the stage where I'm just wore out most of the time. I passed my glucose test, I'm not anemic and I've gained 12 lbs thus far.

I'll have more time to blog now that summer is here ;) here's random iPhone pic and 30 week bathroom shot :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Glucose test, dr appt and hospital visit!

What a week!! On Monday I had my glucose tolerance test where I got to drink the yummy beverage and then get my blood drawn. That went fine, didn't have an ultrasound this time but Dr. B checked my cervix and all looked good. I'm a fingertip dilated on external cervix but internal cervix is closed tight. I don't understand internal vs external but she said its normal for 3rd pregnancy so that's all I care about. Got my 10th progestrone shot as well, 10 more to go hopefully!

I tried to eat lunch but just wasn't feeling it as I was quite nauseas from the drink. By the time I got home from work it was obvious I was coming down with a stomach bug and thus began the vomiting/diarrhea cycle from hell!! Let's just say it was like clock work every 20 minutes I was running to the bathroom with this violent cycle. I knew I was in trouble when I couldn't even attempt to drink any kind of fluid and it wouldn't take long to get dehydrated. It was so bad that I was afraid my water was going to break. So I called my mom around 7:30 and asked her to take me to hospital so hubby could stay home with boys.

I barely made it to the hospital where I had to run to the bathroom to have another lovely round. Went to maternal obs where they were closed and was told to go to L & D but not before I had to have another round in that bathroom! Poor souls who were in there!! Once we got to L&D they got us in pretty quick and hooked me up. I got an IV, started first try while needing to puke. That poor nurse had to follow me into the bathroom to finish getting it started. At this point I was begging to make it stop! They quickly gave me some meds in IV and hooked me up to monitors. Landry was too in distress and his heart rate was 100-110 with having some decels in the 90's. They flipped me from side to side and turned up my IV and we both seemed better. They moved me into an antepartum room around 400 am and kept me in monitors as I was contracting every 5 minutes or so. By Tuesday morning Landry's heart rate was too high bc I started running fever. Once they got Tylenol in me we both were looking better and able to get some sleep.

During all this, hubby was texting me saying Brody and he had come down with this bug and were throwing up as well! :(
We had an ultrasound and everything looked good with L. I slept great last night, Landry's strip looked good last night and we are hopeful to go home today! Fingers crossed.