Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lil Mac: 5 Weeks

Boy doesn't this make it real! I can't believe I'm getting to make weekly development updates again for Lil Mac. BTW don't y'all love my new header, my friend Mandy put it together for me and it's just the cutest thing.

Just wanted to put this down for keepsake purposes. We found out on February 17th that we were pregnant again. Technically I found out on February 16th because I tested and "thought" I saw something but it was so faint I didn't want to get my hopes up so I waited until the next day to test again and to show Brandon. We had a very faint line on a pregnancy test because I was only 9 DPO(days past ovulation) but it was definitely there. I showed Brandon that morning and asked if my eyes were playing tricks on me and he got the biggest smile on his face and said he saw something. Brandon wouldn't believe it until he saw the "pregnant" on the digital test which we got the next day. Here's Lil Mac's test:

We very much were trying for this baby and are so excited to give Brody a sibling. I can't wait to see him as a big brother because he is already so loving and caring towards other kids. We are so blessed and I haven't stopped smiling. I'm also feeling great so far. I think it's still early and I'm wishing on a star that I'm one of the few and lucky ones that won't have morning sickness but we will see.

Here's what Lil Mac is doing this week:
During the early part of this pregnancy at 5 weeks the central nervous system, muscles, bones and even the heart will begin to form. Early skeletal development is also possible at or around pregnancy week 5. Remember that every person is unique, thus their baby will develop at a different rate than others.

Perhaps the most interesting changes that are occurring during 5 weeks pregnant include those happening in the heart. During this week, the heart will begin to divide into separate chambers and start pumping blood. The heart is formed from the middle layer of cells, called the mesoderm. Other organs that will develop from this layer include the muscles, cartilage, and bone.

During pregnancy week 5, the primitive placenta and umbilical cord are also developing. The neural tube will start developing from a top layer of cells called the ectoderm. The baby's skin, hair, nails and sweat glands will also develop out of this layer.

A third layer of cells, called the endoderm, is also developing this week. The lungs, intestines, thyroid and pancreas also develop from this layer.
This is a very critical time in our pregnancy as everything is forming and developing. I know many people wait until later to announce their pregnancy, but for us we are choosing to keep our faith that God will take care of this baby and if something were to go wrong we would want the support of our family and friends to see us through. Please keep us in your prayers for the next couple of weeks until we see the heartbeat on March 23rd at my first doctor's appointment. Once a heartbeat is seen the chances of miscarriage go down greatly.

I've also already strated my Lovenox(blood thinners) which will help keep mommy and baby safe from any blood clots that my body might try to form.

Brody and his brother or sister will be 20 months apart

Take Care,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brody's 1st Birthday Party

Thanks for everyone who took pictures! I really appreciate it

We had such a good time and I hope everyone who attended did as well. We are so blessed with great friends and family and appreciate everything that y'all do.

Brody & Mason checking out the goodies
Mason loved to color!
Birthday Boy

The Cake

I decided to do the party in primary colors and for party favors I put together thank you baggies so that the kids could fill them up with their favorite sweets. Here's the table with all the yummies:

Eating cake is hard work
Sharing With Momma
Getcha Some!
I'm not to sure about all this attention!
Family of Four :)
Nana made the birthday shirt, LOVE IT

Mason & Brody with their momma's.

*I have a few more pictures to upload that I don't have on this computer and for some reason aren't in my email, so more to come tonight*

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brody's ONE

My baby is one!! We had an amazing birthday party today with great company. I couldn't be happier even if Brody woke up this morning with an ear infection!

I will post pictures in the next few days, when I get some copies! I was so busy that I had others take pictures for me :) We had 3 photographers in the house!

But for now I will leave you with what Brandon and I got Brody, the most exciting present of them all!

Coming October 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spittin' & Walkin' ~ Oh My!

So Brody took his first several steps last night!! I'm in complete shock. This is a kid that doesn't even want to stand on his own because he has better things to do with his time.

So everywhere we go know I grab his hand and we walk in order to practice. At first I had to take both of his hands and then eventually we could walk one handed.

So last night he was walking with me really good so when Daddy got home we wanted to see if he would walk to him. Sure enough I stood him up and off he went! He probably took 4 steps and then Daddy turned him around and he took another 3-4 steps back to me! It was so exciting.

He also has this new thing of spitting. Spitting when he's mad, spitting when he's full(with food in his mouth), spitting just to see what I will do! Half the time I laugh which makes it worse because then he laughs but I can't help it. I can't believe my 12 month old is spitting at me!!

He also LOVES to shake his head NO~NO, It's too cute.

Alright gotta go! Have a great day

Friday, February 12, 2010

A foot of snow in Texas?

Well yesterday we blew the top off the record books and received a foot of snow! 12.5 inches!! Seriously?! I don't care for snow, yes it's pretty and all but it also is very messy and cold. I'm very thankful for the snow because Brandon's basketball games were cancelled last night so we got to have him home for the night, the first all week long and we were cancelled for today as well. That's a 4 DAY WEEKEND for momma and Brody because we already had Monday off for President's Day. This is much needed for myself as I prepare for Brody's party next weekend.

Brody's now saying bath, up and shakes his head no when he doesn't want something or knows he's doing something he shouldn't.

If anyone knows me then they know I can't sing very well. But that doesn't stop me from singing :) Well Brody use to always love my singing when he was little and would laugh or smile when he heard me singing. Now, he shakes his head no whenever I start singing. It's quite funny, little stinker.

See my 2 teeth? He's got quite the temper these days!