Saturday, October 24, 2009

Whirlwind of a week

Well our family has definitely been to hell and back! Brody has been on and off again sick for the past month but has really been fighting something for the past 2 weeks with constant fever. We were in the ER last Wednesday when he had a 103+ fever only to wait until 3 am without being seen and leaving discouraged and frustrated. We went to his doctor not 4 hours later to be told he has a virus. Well we went back the following (this)Tuesday because he was still running fever and the doctor gave him a shot of antibotic and said he was still battling a fever and to monitor him for 48 hours and come back in if things changed.

Well that evening he spiked another 103+ fever so I put him in the bath and gave him motrin and luckily the fever broke. My parents had come over because I was worried and he acted back to normal. We were getting ready for bed and I had just finished nursing Brody for the night at 10:30 when he started to have a seizure in my arms.
I have started this post probably 25 times in the past week and honestly I don't have the energy or will to relive the time we spent in Cooks and everything that Brody had to endure. So just know that it was awful. Brody ended up having some sort of infection within his body that was never found but did respond to IV antibotics.

Brody is doing SOOOO much better. He's like a new child and I haven't seen him this active or happy in over a month.

He now weighs 17lbs 9oz and is moving all over the place. He only army crawls but is faster than some regular crawlers. He is a great eater and loves everything that we've tried except green beans. He loves to gives hugs now and will give momma kisses. He has also said "momma" a few times.

Well little man is getting hungry,
Til next time,

Friday, October 9, 2009

I like to move it move it

Brody is crawling all over the place! He's been crawling for the past 10 days or so and is getting really quick. He even hates getting his diaper changed. I can remember having to pin my nephew Ben down to change his diaper because he would crawl off so quickly and Brody is definitely following in his footsteps.

It's starting to get cooler here in Texas and I bought Brody some beanies, most kids hate things on their heads but Brody loves it! He even got mad when I took it off after making sure it fit so I let him wear it during dinner. He's such a ham!

Brody also loves stuff animals, even the ugliest stuffed animal you've ever seen that most babies would be scared of he hugs, kisses and can't put down. Well my mom and I were at BRU a couple of weeks ago and we were looking around when we rounded a corner and saw a giant Pooh Bear. Brody yelled with excitement and just loved this giant bear. Needless to say I went back a few weeks later and got him his Pooh, he also watches the tv show and loves him and Tigger!