Friday, September 7, 2012

Brody starts soccer

We have been waiting for this day since he was first born! B and I both played sports growing up and know what a positive influence it can be for kids of all ages. So we were very excited to sign him up this fall. Brody also loves to play soccer around the house.

He, on the other hand was a little overwhelmed at practice! It didn't help that he didn't have a nap. He wouldn't do anything!! And was so intimidated and shy :( it was hard on momma! He's always been one to take his time adjusting to new things and new people, so I know he will get there ! I just hope it's sooner rather than later! Love my sweet boy

Landry: 2 months

Cannot believe a month has flown by! I barely have time to keep up with my house let alone blog :( But here we are, Landry turned 2 months today. We went to his doctor and he is looking good. He is now 7 lbs 11 oz. and 20 inches long! He gained 2 lbs in one month. The doctor checked his platelets and red blood cells before giving him his immunizations and his platelets were 233k (highest they've ever been) so we are safe to assume his platelet issue is resolved. But now his red blood cells are low and he is anemic. His red blood cells have been enlarged since birth and we aren't sure why but we were hoping it would be nothing. We will continue to watch his red blood cell production and go back to the hemotalogist on the 20th for a recheck.
He also favors his right side so has a slight flat spot that we will be working on to get rid of. The zantac that he is on for reflex is working wonders and helps a great deal!

He is sleeping pretty well at night. Usually goes to sleep around 9 pm and wakes around 2-3am to sleep. I'd be a smart momma if I went to bed when he does but that's when I get stuff done around the house or just relax from the days activities. I'm assuming I will be going to bed around that time when I return to work!

He is in newborn clothes still but is almost getting too long for them and is wearing a size 1 diaper. He nurses every 2 hours during the day and longest stretch is above and then will wake again around 6am to begin the every 2 hour feeds.

He started smiling this week and I absolutely adore it. It isn't the I'm filling my pants smile either :) he also absolutely loves his carrier! I can put him in it and he will zonk out for hours! I return to work on Monday and I'm dreading not having my 3 little sidekicks with me! I'm going to miss them so much even though work might be a vacation compared to taking care of 3 kiddos so close in age!