Monday, March 21, 2011

Mason's Birthday in San Antonio

Here are some pictures that Chantel took over the weekend, I stole them from her :)
We had a GREAT time in San Antonio and next time we go to visit them we plan on staying 3-5 days

This picture of Jaxson looks just like Brody did at this age! Love it. I put it on my sidebar next to the picture I have up of Brody. I think they were the same age when these pictures were taken. They could almost look like twins.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Bday pics

I was trying to get this post in order, went to go change Jaxson and walked into Brody turning off my computer and saying "Me broke it" LOL. So here it is, completely disorganized, wrong subtext and all but that's my life right now! Gotta love it

Mommy and the birthday boy!

I'm not sure about this

Woooo, it's not bad

Construction cake

Singing Happy Birthday!

Like I said, doesn't matter what way he goes down!

We had a jump party for Brody this year because he LOVES to climb and jump on anything and everything. He loved every second of it. He didn't care how he went down the slides: backwards, forward, head first, feet first...didn't matter to our little monkey!

Preparty fun

Mason came for the party all the way from San Antonio. There's only a 3 week difference in age and when the Bellamy's moved this summer we made a deal that we wouldn't miss the birthdays!