Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tubes tomorrow

We go in tomorrow at 7 am and Brody will get his tubes at 9. We went to pre op today and it makes me so sad to sit in the surgery room with all the nervous parents and scared kids. And although brodys surgery is very minor and take less than 5 minutes I couldn't help but feel for the parents of children who have more severe surgeries. I feel for the parents and kids who spend more tine in that hospital than at their own home, how do they do it? Why do children have to get sick? What would I do if i had an ill child? Lord, thank you for my healthy child. Thank you giving those parents the strength for their children, I don't know how they do it.

And I know Brodys surgery is minor, I'm still nervous. He's already been poked and prided do much and is scared of docs and nurses that um scared of what tomorrow brings, I can't let him go back screaming for me so my prayer tonight is that the goofy juice will calm him enough to fall asleep. He can't eat after 3 am so I also pray he doesn't get too upset about to getting breakfast. I know he will be out of my sight tomorrow and out of my care but not out of the Lord's sight or care and I find comfort in that.

I will update tomorrow

Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Christmas Pictures

We had our family Christmas with Brandon's immediate family the day after Christmas, here are a few of my favorite pictures I captured:

Love this picture!

Nana, Poppy and Brody

Poor Haus has been having a hard time lately so we took him into the vet, he has an ear infection and a pretty bad one at that. Not sure what is up with my family and ear infections!!

Also Brody is getting his 2nd tooth, bottom left. He's having a tough time with it and isn't napping AT ALL during the day and was up from 2am - 5am this morning. Luckily for me Daddy got up with him and they played!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Brody's 1st Christmas

Brody's 1st Christmas was very exciting and busy. I can remember as a little girl I always wanted a White Christmas but living in Texas I never got it. Well, Brody got his very first White Christmas and he won't even remember it.
Last Saturday began the Christmas festivites with a family get together for Brandon's family. We had a great time!

Nana made these matching shirts for the 3 grandsons, they were SO cute!

It was so cold and windy on Christmas eve. We had a great lazy day inside and were due to go to my cousin's house for our family Christmas at 4. It was getting pretty slick outside so we didn't want to chance it and left pretty early.

Once safely home we had a great Christmas eve. Brody played with his new toys that he received until 10 pm and then finally crashed after I made him go to bed.

Brandon and I then exchanged our gifts, played cards, wrapped the rest of the family gifts and enjoyed ourselves.
Before we left for Christmas Eve:

After we got home:

Christmas morning we were snowed in so Brody opened his Santa presents and played.
Here's what Santa brought Brody(well not all of them are Brody's)

This is Brody as he saw his presents for the first time, he was so excited!


We finally ventured to breakfast with my parents around 1030 and went over to their house to open presents and enjoy some family time. My parents are awesome and spoiled all of us!

Dad observing after Christmas exploded in his living room

I got a new flash for my camera and a background stand so that I can take more great pics of my baby, if he will ever sit still. I also got a beautiful Pandora bracelet from Brody and Brandon and the new Harry Potter amongst many other wonderful gifts.
We then went over to Brandon's parents for dinner and to watch a movie. We are waiting until tomorrow when all of us can get together to enjoy a yummy lunch and exchange presents.

This is an unedited picture, just look at those eyes! I love my new flash, what a huge difference

I am reminded daily how truly blessed I am. Our Lord is so good to us and has blessed us with the best parents, family and friends. I hope everyone's Christmas was as joyous as ours!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Visiting Santa

We visited Santa for the first time. Brody freaked, he doesn't like men or strangers and Santa was both. But the photographer had some toys that grabbed his attention just long enough for him to somewhat smile.

I'm so excited about Brody's 1st Christmas, it's going to be so much fun!

We went to the doctor yesterday and today because Brody's double ear infection that he has had since last Tuesday wasn't any better. They gave him a shot of rosefin(sp??) yesterday and then we had them rechecked today. The left looked better but the right one still looked pretty bad. So he got another shot and will start amonicef tomorrow until his tubes on the 31st. My poor baby, I feel so sorry for him. He screams blood murder whenever they look in his ears and flinches so bad. I know it has to hurt something awful :( Hopefully the tubes will cure all this!

Monday, December 21, 2009

10 Months

My baby is 10 months!! Where oh where is the time going? He's getting so big. Hard to believe in 8 weeks he will be ONE. I'm starting to think/plan is birthday party!!

Brody is saying Dada, hi and will wave bye bye as well as find the fan and point to it when asked. He's in some 9 month old pants and 12 month old tops although some are big on him still, he's just so skinny but yet out eats all his classmates who are bigger than him. I guess he just has my metabolism. We go back to the doctor tomorrow to see how the ole' ears are doing and hopefully get a good report. I'm starting to get nervous about the tubes. I've heard he might not be able to eat/drink after midnight and that is not gonna fly with my baby, don't know what I'm gonna do.

We had a playdate with his buddy, Mason today. Mason is 3 weeks younger than Brody and is in his class. His momma watched Brody while I went to the dentist this morning and then we TRIED to get some pictures of the two of them together but they are just so quick.
Brody and Mason first meet in June when they were 4 months old:

And now they are active, busy toddlers!

Brody's initials are BM and Mason's are MB, they were suppose to hold their own letter but as you can see it didn't happen! Mason had better things to do with his time than hold some silly letter :)