Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And just like that

We have foundation! I'm so excited to be able to walk on the beginning stages of our new house and envision the rooms and space! Our goal & the builder says he can make it happen is Memorial Day weekend we should be moving in! Fingers crossed for no delays. They will start framing this weekend and in a week we should have a roof on! Our builder said things begin to rock and roll now that we have the foundation ;)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Slowly moving along

The construction on our house is finally underway! We had to wait on the soul testing and the County to get a culvert put in so that the workers could deliver things to the lot (there is a small drainage ditch that runs in front of all the houses in the subdivision).

This week they've put the rough plumbing in so hopefully we have spanned poured next week

Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Day Drive

We offically have a new address! We closed on our lot on the 22nd and things are underway. This week we have fill dirt delivered and forms. Next comes the rough plumbing, electrical and then our slab can be poured. We are hoping that happens by the end of next week. our builder said that once the foundation is poured we have roughly 75 days and that things will move quickly! We picked our brick last weekend and then we will pick out the stone and tile. I'm so excited! I really just want to be able to walk our house so that I can get a good feel for the rooms and layout. This past weekend, we went furniture shopping and I got a great deal on a new table and chairs. I also found several options for living room furniture, just need to decide on if we want a sectional or couch and chairs.

For my memory: the brick is called Port Edwards by Master brick

Brody turns 4

I cannot believe my first born is 4! He turned four Feb. 20th and we just celebrated at home this year. We really want to get the boys a playset at our new house so we decided to skip the party this year and put the money we would of spent towards the playset. We had cake, ice cream and decorations at my parent's house and this past Sunday we celebrate his and daddy's birthday over at my in-laws. We still owe him a day at the bounce house place during Spring Break :) hard to believe he was ever this small! We went to Dr Jones that Friday and he did great on his eye test but would not do his hearing! He's 40lbs and 49 inches tall(I think!) 90th percentile in both!